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Specialists in Laser Fat Removal

Which Method is Right For You?

ReMuve Laser Centre

Vancouver  &  Burnaby Locations

At ReMuve Laser Centre, we’re leading a new conversation in body image. 

As the top non-surgical fat removal specialists in the greater Vancouver area,

our team is dedicated to helping you love your body. 


We offer the two latest clinically tested and proven methods  to safely and effectively get rid of that troublesome unwanted fat Permanently

Get rid of that stubborn, belly fat, thighs , love handles, and double chins in just 25 minutes!


Come see us in Yaletown or Burnaby


Call or simply fill in the form below to book a 10 minute phone consult to ask any preliminary questions specific to your needs.  



Learn about fat treatment options
Which Method of Fat Removal is Best For You

Its finally time to do that extra something for you.  So lets jump in and  find out about YOU!

Are you pretty fit with a problem area that you want to target and remove that stubborn fat from?

  - or

Are you are you to  trim down your and fit into your clothes comfortably again?


We keep it simple - two options - for fast effective FDA approved methods for fat removal.  Your goals and your body will help determine which method is best for you!


Back to School Specials!
VanquishMe starting at $375
SculpSure Laser Fat Removale 
Regular $1400 $795

Understanding SPOT SIZE is key when getting rid of unwanted fat- this alone can save you hundreds of dollars!  These methods permanently ill fat cells with zero downtime.  Spot size means we cover at least double the space of other method in just 25 minutes. 
Need to get rid of  belly fat?   Pop in on your lunch hour and then get right back to your day. 

Lose up to 24% of unwanted fat in 25 minutes

Treatments for 2 Body Types
laser fat removal-fat removal-sculpsure fat removal-coolsculpting

 BMI of 30 or less


Laser Fat Removal 

Image by Aiony Haust

Do you have stubborn fat that just that just seems stuck?  Frustrated because if wont budge even with a healthy diet and exercise?

If its a yes... and you are within 20 pounds of your ideal weight? SculpSure is ideal for you!


SculpSure Laser Fat Removal is the world's 1st FDA cleared laser treatment for fat reduction.  Lose up to 24% of unwanted fat in just 25 minutes. Lose that belly fat in a single session.

We also offer double chin fat removal at our clinic for BMI up to 49. Skin tightening is also a perk!


Whether you want to be rid of unwanted flanks, smooth out tummy pooches, trim down your thighs, or get rid of that double chin, all while tightening skin, SculpSure is the likely the best option for you.


vanquish Me
painless fat removal


Manufacturer by BTL -VanquishMe Offers the LargestSpot Size worldwide,
making your dollar go further.


Painless - TouchFree - Safe -Effective   

This groundbreaking technology is 45 minutes of 'lay back and relax' all while having fat cells destroyed safely and effectively around your entire abdominal area.  


If you are within 26 pounds of your ideal weight and are looking to feel good in your clothes again.  VanquishMe is likely right for you. 


Click below for a better understanding of a VanquishMe treatment.   


double chin fat removal for men and women

Live with confidence.
What to expect at ReMuve Laser Centre...

Our philosophy is to help you achieve your goals with our years of experience specializing in fat removal. From the moment you call or fill in the contact form, we provide you with information that will allow you to make the right decision for you. All treatment plans are built on individual bases to tailor to meet your specific needs. We love what we do and you will feel it the moment you come in the door. In other words: we are the clinic that cares.   


We are specialists in fat removal. With all of the choices out there, finding the best option for you can feel impossible. So call us! With just a short call, we can answer your questions, determine if you are a good candidate for SculpSure or VanquishME treatments, and get you on the best path for your personal body goals. Rather than pushing you into purchasing a package that might not be right for you, we work to educate you to the best of our ability so you can make informed decisions.


We consistently offer the best prices in Western Canada on the newest safest, technologies. Call us and find out what makes us #1 in Non-Invasive Fat Removal! With over 20 years of experience in the laser industry, you will be in good hands every step of the way. Let's ReMuve that unwanted fat for you. 

Your Goal is our Goal at ReMuve .    

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