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in Non-Surgical Fat Removal
       in Vancouver + Burnaby 




Non- Invasive Fat Removal Methods


Vancouver & Burnaby


Non-Invasive Laser & RF Fat Removal
in Vancouver + Burnaby

2 Body Types. 2 Solutions.

Are you tired of struggling with stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to shed? Do you want to trim down your entire abdomen to fit into your clothes comfortably again?


At ReMuve Laser Centre Vancouver & Burnaby, we understand the frustration that comes with these challenges. That's why we offer two of the best specialized solutions at unbeatable prices: SculpSure  and VanquishMe™. Newer technologies with better, safer, faster results.


SculpSure's precision laser technology targets those problem areas, melting away fat and giving you a more contoured look.  If you have larger areas that need attention, our VanquishMe™ treatment can provide the comprehensive solution you crave. 

Don't let your fat-related concerns hold you back any longer; utilize these modalities and see why they  are the most effective, safest and most cost effective treatments in non-invasive fat removal. 

Start your journey here and check out your BMI to see if you are a candidate for one or both of these treatments.



Which Method is Best For You?

Laser & RF Fat Removal
Vancouver + Burnaby


SculpSure Laser Fat Removal 

Do you have stubborn unwanted fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of even with a good diet & exercise? SculpSure Laser Fat Removal is ideal if you have a BMI <30 and want to target a specific area. The skin is kept cool while the laser heats & kills subcutaneous fat cells permanently. ReMuve belly fat,  love handles, bra fat, thighs, and arm fat  permanently (up to 24%) 

in just 25 minutes. You can pop in on your lunch hour! Sculpture is fast, effective, and safe.


VanquishMe Painless Fat Removal

Up to 33% fat reduction, it's painless, and it works? Yes it does and there is added benefit of skin tightening. The touchless panels kill fat cells permanently from flank to flank, over your entire abdomen, in a single session.  45-minute painless treatments and watch the magic happen. Eliminate subcutaneous fat cells permanently without bruising & enjoy zero downtime. With the largest spot size of any treatment worldwide, the advanced VanquishMe system  is also the most cost effective method available today.


Double Chin Fat Removal

Get rid of stubborn double chin fat with the added bonus of skin tightening. With SculpSure, permanently reduce your double chin without the bruising or painful swelling which are common with other treatments like injectables or fat freezing. It's the safest, fastest and most effective method available today! Our 25-minute treatment with no downtime means you can get right back to your day without anyone knowing that you had a treatment at all. 

4 Simple Steps to Your Dream Body

We consistently offer the best prices in BC for your professional laser fat removal needs
without surgery!
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