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A Slimmer, Happier,

Confident You  

with Non - Invasive  Fat  Removal

Specialists in Fat Removal 

Excellence for Over 22 Years

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ReMuve Laser Centre  

Hi!   We are so glad you are here!  

ReMuve Laser proudly offers

WarmSculpting, the next generation in non-invasive fat removal!

The procedure is more precise, 2-3x faster, much safer, and it's about 1/3 of the cost  of our old favourite Coolsculpting .   

We believe in choices for the various body types we see.

Lose up to 33% of unwanted fat with VanquishMe in a single 45 minute session.  Treat 10x the area of other treatments 

and save more too!

Come experience over two decades of passion & dedication to  our clients & offering the best in fat removal

Say Goodbye to  Bruising, Pain and Prices of  Yesterday! 

Which Method is
Best For You?

Take a step towards feeling more comfortable & confident in your own skin.

Now that the technologies have evolved into a faster & safer experience - it's the ideal time to get rid of that unwanted fat!


Do you have  stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to shed?  At ReMuve Laser Centre, we understand the frustration that comes with these challenges. That's why we offer two specialized solutions: SculpSure and VanquishMe. SculpSure's precision laser technology targets those problem areas, melting away fat and giving you the contoured look you desire. If you have larger areas that need attention, our VanquishMe treatment can provide the comprehensive solution you crave. Don't let your fat-related concerns hold you back any longer; utilize the latest and greatest in fat removal technology.


Learn more about these top-tier FDA treatments below or give us a call to talk about the best plan for your goals!  We offer 100% complimentary consults as it's important for you to know if our treatments are right for you and your body type!  

Gone are the days of when zero downtime actually  meant 1-3 weeks of bruising & pain.   The next generation options in non-invasive fat removal eliminate the worries of yesterday.


Our Services


SculpSure Laser Fat Removal (WarmSculpting)

Do you have unwanted fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of with a good diet & exercise? Are you within 20 pounds of your ideal weight? Want to get rid of the jiggly bits, carve a tighter waistline, or get rid of those love handles that are popping out an over your jeans?  SculpSure Laser Fat Removal is ideal for you. Time after time our clients are thrilled at their new shape - and its only 25 minutes!


VanquishMe Painless Fat Removal

Experience up to 33% fat reduction with the  safe and effective VanquishMe RF Fat Removal. Is your body packing excess inches on in the last couple of years? Do you want to trim your entire abdomen in just 45 minutes? VanquishMe is ideal for you! Men & women love this treatment. It's effective and painless.  For 45 minutes it feels like lying back in the sun.  


Double Chin Fat Removal

Are you tired of always looking at your double chin in the mirror or pictures? With SculpSure, you can get rid of it permanently with zero downtime. All without the bruising or painful swelling common to other methods. In-and-out in just 25 minutes, we'll have you back to your day in no time! Most of our clients see a difference within 9 days - some are luckier and can see a difference the same day and we love to see the tears of joy here at ReMuve.

SCULPSURE Laser Fat Removal

From Just $475


3 Full Upper & Lower Tummy Treatments for $1695

(reg $2800)


1 Treatment for Entire Chin

 $575 (reg $895)

4 Simple Steps To Your Goals 

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