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 Experts In Non-Surgical Fat Removal

With over 22 years of experience, we're dedicated to helping you regain confidence by specializing in fat removal. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering. We believe in personalized, informed choices, not one-size-fits-all solutions. Our offering is simple: effective solutions in 30 minutes or less at the best price.


Our clients receive expert guidance on SculpSure & VanquishMe treatments, ensuring you're on the right path for your unique body goals. We offer Western Canada's best prices for the latest, safest technologies, earning our reputation as the #1 destination for Non-Invasive Fat Removal. Let's work together to safely and effectively ReMuve that unwanted fat to reveal a more confident you!

Let us provide all of the facts so you can make the best decision for your body & goals


Honesty - Integrity - Results 

Having satisfied, well informed clients is our goal. Our mission is to ensure that every client is provided with ALL RISKS associated the various non-invasive fat removal options (Ask us more about why we use heating technologies rather than fat freezing methods like CoolSculpting)

Excellent Results, No Surprises


Occasionally, we get asked why are prices are so affordable. Our answer: we do it for you. Rest assured, our equipment is sourced from the biggest & most trusted manufacturers in non-invasive fat removal like Cynosure & BTL. Our business model is built different -and we love it! We've adjusted to pass savings along to our client by providing the best rates in Western Canada.

 Our Prices Help You Get Your Dream Body, Faster!

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Our Clinic
Est 2001

Providing you with the best is our goal!


Our welcoming clinic will immediately put you at ease on your journey. You will meet informed specialized practitioners during your visit and be provided with the many truths about fat removal.


We have two equally passionate team leaders.

Dr. James has 35 years of physician-surgical experience and was the head a top medical aesthetics training facility in New York. His expertise in the industry & human anatomy provides our clients with a clear, comprehensive, and safe approach to non-invasive fat removal to ensure it is right for you.


Angela, our founder, is a leading authority in Vancouver’s non-invasive fat removal industry. She offers top-tier treatments using premier industry manufacturers such as Cynosure, BTL, and Lumenis.


Much like the Dr. James, Angela always strives to be a positive, well-informed influence in her field. Her commitment to innovation is unwavering, constantly pushing boundaries to enhance client experiences and results. She works tirelessly with clients to this day and loves every minute of it.


Expect the very best in service, honesty & integrity from the moment you contact us.

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