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We Are Here Every Step of Your Journey

Our team of experts collaborates to deliver specialized treatments focused on one goal: eliminating unwanted elements. We offer personalized, informed options rather than generic solutions. Our promise is clear: the safest and most effective solutions delivered by seasoned specialists with two decades of expertise. Clients experience white-glove service from initial contact, receiving tailored guidance on treatments to ensure alignment with their unique objectives prior to scheduling appointments.

Take the 5 minutes to talk about your needs with our fat removal specialists today!

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Honesty - Integrity - Results

Medically Directed

We aim to make potential clients feel fortunate to discover us, eager to engage with us promptly. Ensuring satisfied, well-informed clients, and tailoring treatment plans to match your unique needs is our daily commitment. You'll sense our care and expertise from the moment you reach out or step into our space. If we can't offer what's absolutely best for you, we'll gladly refer you to someone who can


We value your time and ensure efficiency. A staggering 75% of our clients arrive fully informed, knowing they'll receive a comprehensive 360 consultation covering options and pricing. The only surprise we deliver is the ability to permanently eliminate fat cells without surgery or downtime.

We provide professional service at rates that are guaranteed the lowest of our competitors. Transparency is key; we provide all of the information so you can make the absolute best choice for you.


Servicing Greater Vancouver Since 2001

Meet our exceptional team, augmented by other highly trained technicians who are experts in our services. Embark on an experience of thoughtful and comprehensive service from the moment you connect with us. Encounter unparalleled one-on-one care and professionalism at our Vancouver and Burnaby clinics. Our unwavering focus is on providing a fully encompassing, nurturing environment with one priority: you, your safety, your goals, and your results.

Under the medical direction of Dr. Angela Nguan, our team surpasses the standards set by other clinics, specializes in non-surgical fat removal treatments and has become the trusted destination in Greater Vancouver.

Angela Radakovich, a renowned authority in Vancouver's medical aesthetics, oversees our team of highly skilled technicians. You'll immediately feel reassured and exceptionally well-informed before undergoing any treatments. Backed by 25 years of research and experience in the field, our dedication is matched only by our genuine care for each and every client. 


We are dedicated to helping you rid yourself of unwanted elements through our ReMuve approach. Achieving your body goals is made possible through the collaborative efforts of our team at ReMuve Laser Centre.

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