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"Largest Spot Size of Any Treatment Worldwide"

BTL VanquishMe

Imagine 45 minutes of “lay back and relax” while our cutting-edge

VanquishMe technology eliminates your fat.


This modern and innovative body-contouring fat reduction technology is an excellent option if you are looking to trim the circumference of your entire abdomen or thighs.


This patented selective RF technology sensitively and accurately detects levels of fat within the body, and applies the precise levels of energy as required to break down and shrink dead cells which are then naturally eliminated through your lymphatic system. We recommend up to 3-6 treatments to maximize effectiveness. For suitable candidates - we generally see a loss of 2-3" around their midsections.  


This industry-leading innovation is an excellent non-invasive alternative to fat reduction surgery. This touchless treatment is completely pain-free with no downtime. Post-treatment you get right back to your day! No post-treatment girdle or any painful bruising.


How Spot Size is Saving
You Money

Discover an exciting and painless approach to non-surgical fat removal that promises both effectiveness and comfort.

Allow us to introduce you to a groundbreaking concept: "Spot Size." This innovative term refers to the expansive area covered within a single treatment or cycle. Picture this: with our cutting-edge VanquishMe procedure, a mere 45-minute session effectively targets the entire upper and lower abdominal regions. Remarkably, this coverage spans a staggering 4-10 times larger area compared to conventional methods. 

Now, what does this revolutionary approach mean for you? It equates to significantly reduced treatment times, coupled with simultaneous targeting of multiple areas. The outcome? A remarkably efficient solution that not only yields superior results but also comes at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods available in the market. VanquishMe stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking to address subcutaneous fat concerns, provided they do not have metal implants in their body (with the exception of dental work).

Embark on this journey of transformation today, with prices starting at an unbeatable $425. Experience firsthand the unparalleled benefits of our comprehensive treatment coverage, setting new standards in the realm of non-surgical fat removal.

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