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"Largest Spot Size of Any Treatment Worldwide"

BTL VanquishMe

Imagine 45 minutes of “lay back and relax” while our cutting-edge

VanquishMe technology eliminates your fat.


It’s true! This innovative body-contouring fat reduction technology is an excellent option if you are looking to trim the circumference of your entire abdomen or thighs.


This patented selective RF technology sensitively and accurately detects levels of fat within the body, and applies the precise levels of energy as required to break down and shrink dead cells which are then naturally eliminated through your lymphatic system. We recommend up to 3-6 treatments to maximize effectiveness. For suitable candidates - we generally see a loss of 2-3" around their midsections.  


This industry-leading innovation is an excellent non-invasive alternative to fat reduction surgery. This touchless treatment is completely pain-free with no downtime. Post-treatment you get right back to your day! No post-treatment girdle or any painful bruising.


How Spot Size is Saving
You Money

Spot Size: What is that? It's the area that is covered within one treatment or cycle. For example, one 45-minute treatment with VanquishMe generally covers the entire upper and lower abdominal area (about 4-10x the size of other methods) to target and permanently eliminate fat cells. For some clients this will further extend to their front and side flanks. What does this mean for you? Less time with more area covered in a single session means this treatment is a fraction of the cost of every other method on the marketplace today. VanquishMe is for those with subcutaneous fat (and without metals in your body with the exception of dental work). 

This treatment area covered is as low as $425.    


Real Clients. Real Results.

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