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SculpSure Laser Fat Removal

Do you have persistent fat that seems resistant to diet and exercise, leaving you frustrated? If you have a BMI <30, SculpSure is the ideal solution for you.

Why Choose SculpSure?

SculpSure Laser Fat Removal is for those with a BMI <30. This breakthrough technology uses laser energy heat to attack and permanently kill deep layers of subcutaneous fat. The damaged fast cells are then naturally eliminated by the body through your lymphatic system.


This revolutionary laser technology only requires 25-minutes per treatment and has no downtime or painful post-treatment instructions

We use your body type to help

determine the best solutions to your

fat-related problems


At ReMuve, we like to start with BMI (body mass index). This metric helps us determine your candidacy for our

non-surgical treatments. Depending on the areas you want to target, where you carry your fat, your BMI, and a few other factors, our specialists curate a personalized plan to help meet your goals. A BMI <30 makes you ideal for both methods of fat removal we offer, though VanquishMe is still an excellent option for those with a higher BMI.


Enter your height and weight below to determine your BMI and kickstart your body contouring journey! Once you've determined your BMI, contact us to talk about your options with complimentary consultations over the phone, in person, or virtually. 


Along with personalized plans, our fat removal experts can guide you through the seemingly endless options for fat removal, including how to avoid the treatments some clinics offer despite the nasty side effects, sub-par results, and painful post-treatment restrictions.

Fill in the form to get determine your BMI! Send it in and we will contact you with our treatment recommendation. 

Real Clients. Real Results.

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